HPV Vaccine

I recently saw a friend share an article which stated that prominent HPV vaccine researcher, Dr Diane Harper had “Done a 180 on her stance on vaccine safety.” At an academic event.

After shaking off my initial ire, I looked over the article and have some issues with it.

What year was the “4th International Converence on Vaccination which took place in Reston, Virginia.”? The linked article didn’t say. But the original article was dated 2014. This story has been going around since 2009.

It claims that ‘all trials were done on children aged 15 and over.’

This is false.

As is evident by the actual literature, including the recent 10 year review of the HPV vaccine. Published by Harper and DeMars in Gynological Oncology, June 2017. Spoiler alert. The vaccine works, and the review discusses improvements to the vaccination schedule.
This “Article” doesn’t give dates, references, or any kind of credible evidence to support its claims. The original source also sells a whole heap of crap on their site this should be an immediate red flag to any critical thinker. The ad revenue alone they must be racking in is sickening.

Real science doesn’t sell “remedies” on the side of data and evidence.

There’s more, it also claims that HPV is “Already extremely low in America.”

In 2001 an estimated 20 million Americans were infected by the human papillomavirus. With 5 million new infections reported every year. After 6 years of a vaccine the rate of HPV dropped by around 60%.

HPV is responsible for:

almost all cases of genital warts and cervical cancer.

90% of anal cancers.

65% of vaginal cancers.

50% of vulva cancers.

35% of penile cancers.

60% of oropharyngeal cancers (cancers of the back of the throat, including the base of the tongue and tonsils).

Eliminating this virus is well worth the effort.
It goes on to claim that there’s no easy way to report adverse reactions to vaccines.

Juat so you know, there is always continuous monitoring of vaccines and registration of adverse reaction in Australia is done by reporting to the Therapeutic Goods Administration. The link is attached below.
Bottom line.

Vaccines are safe for the vast majority of the population. And the prevent the spread of diseases which cause damage to human health. While a small portion of people may experience severe adverse reactions after receiving a dose of vaccine. Some people are allergic to components in vaccines. Consult your medical team if youbhave concerns.

However, in most cases the actual number of severely affected people is so statistical insignificant that it can’t be actually determined what caused the reaction.
Please, vaccine research is done by men and women who dedicate there lives to improving the health and wellbeing of our species.

Science is a mechanism too weed out charlotens talk to your doctor and medical providers.

Empower yourself by enhancing and training your powers of critical thinking. Don’t leave it to clickbait and emotional scare tactics.
As always.

Ask your questions, support your opinions with evidence, discuss, edify.





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