HPV Vaccine

I recently saw a friend share an article which stated that prominent HPV vaccine researcher, Dr Diane Harper had “Done a 180 on her stance on vaccine safety.” At an academic event. After shaking off my initial ire, I looked over the article and have some issues with it. What year was the “4th International […]

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Nuclear Energy

*Edit: updated to correct details re: Gamma and neutron are ionising/ induce ionising radiation.

Welcome back to Ballarat Science in the Community,

To kick things off with our 1st “in depth” discussion I wanted talk to you about nuclear energy. What it is, how we use it, some of the pros and cons of the technology. As you can imagine this is an astoundingly big topic, as such we’re going to break it up into a series of several posts so that we don’t bombard you with too much information in one go. I’m going to lay some of the ground work in this first post then we’ll mix it up with later posts in this topic. I keep seeing reactionary posts/comments in social media talking about how “yucky” nuclear energy is but these posts never seem to go into too much detail regarding the science. Let’s do something about that.

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Ionian Enchantment

I’ve been asking for a while now about your experiences with Science and STEM subjects, what were your memorable lessons? What do you think is one of the most important things to learn or to teach someone when they are new to scientific thinking? What turned you away from STEM? What brought you back? I’ve […]

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